Bugshut TOP Replacement


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Bugshut replacement brush for top portion

Model: BS-TOP-rplc
Brush: Polypropylene

Great for Rolling Doors and Garage Doors

  • Protects against Insects: stops pests from entering and prevents contamination of products and goods inside climate control inside a facility
  • Dust Reduction: prevents dusts from entering from the outside
  • Wind Barrier: keeps hot and cold air from coming in and cooled and heated air from escaping, enabling efficient
  • Snow Barrier: keeps snow from entering to avoid possible freezing and short-circuiting during times of heavy night snowfall
  • Bird Barrier: prevents birds from entering or building nests in shutter casing
  • Sound Barrier: reduces the sounds of wind rattling and shaking the shutter by minimizing the vibration
  • Light Barrier: prevents light from shining through the gaps around a shutter, keeping out pests that are attracted to light
  • Leak Barrier: prevents leaking of climatized air from a facility and supports the maintenance of stable temperatures within

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) International Certified

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